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And a Partridge in a “Pair” Tree… : A Navigational Guide to Elevating Your Wholesale Holiday Cheese Offerings

Navigating the realm of pairing imported European cheeses with wines for the holidays can be likened to mastering a strategic game with rules that evolve continually. In the dynamic landscape of wholesale cheese supply, it’s crucial to discern the principles that can guide your clients to impeccable pairings without inducing confusion. Here are three essential strategies tailored to elevate your B2B holiday cheese offerings:

Rule 1: Harmony in Flavor Profiles

In the world of wholesale cheeses, it’s not merely about the color but the weight of the cheese and the wine. Robust red and white wines align seamlessly with flavorful cheeses, while delicate cheeses find their match in crisp whites and fruity reds. Whether your clients are showcasing individual cheeses or incorporating them into recipes, understanding the balance ensures optimal pairings. For example, our Ile de France Brie stands out when paired with citrusy Sauvignon Blanc or crisp Champagne. However, for a sophisticated twist, consider recommending it alongside our cured meats, where it complements an Italian red exquisitely.

Rule 2: Terroir-Driven Excellence

In the wholesale cheese business, we appreciate the European philosophy that ties the essence of food and drink to their terroir. Highlighting the origin of your cheeses can create extraordinary pairings. Imagine offering Il de France goat cheese, hailing from the foothills of the Rhone Alps, alongside Louis Jadot’s refreshing Beaujolais Villages. This alignment of regional excellence creates a perfect pairing.

Rule 3: Tasting Events for Discerning Palates

Transform indecision into an opportunity for exploration. Encourage your clients to turn their cheese and wine pairings into curated tasting events. Regardless of the scale, the variety of cheeses and wines fosters engaging conversations and opens avenues for discovering impeccable pairings. This strategy not only enhances the customer experience but also helps build rapport.

Bonus Rule: Catering to Client Preferences

While traditional rules hold weight, the essence lies in choosing cheeses and wines based on personal preferences. Your wholesale clients should embrace the idea of offering what they love. In the realm of cheese and wine, there’s no wrong choice, except the absence of choice.

As you navigate the holiday season, remember: the perfect pairing enhances festivities. Wishing you and your clients a season filled with harmonious wholesale cheese and wine selections! Happy Holidays!

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