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We offer benefits for both manufacturers and importers.

Manufacturers benefit from our large, established and financially sound network of companies used to market and handle refrigerated products, thus giving them an immediate entry to foreign markets. They benefit from our access to government programs and support such as the Export Import Bank of the United States, the Southern United States Trade Association, etc.; from our knowledge of the rules and regulations of each of the 30 countries we deal with.

Importers benefit from our rigorous selection of the best companies in the dairy industry; from a team dedicated only to international marketing, sales and customer service; from our participation in multiple trade events and shows; from our training programs in their countries to develop the skills of their key personnel; from our customized programs allowing them to carry the products most adapted to their markets and their consumers’ needs.

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The Caribbean

With more than 35 million inhabitants, 15 million tourists per year and limited milk production, the Caribbean and Bermuda, with 30 major markets, represent a great potential for dairy products. The U.S. benefits from its proximity, their awareness of U.S. brands from consumers, and a regular flow of American visitors. We have developed in the islands an extended network comprised of retailers, food service operators, chefs, media, etc.

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Central & South America

Central and South America, home to diverse cultures and vibrant economies, presents a unique opportunity for dairy product manufacturers. With a population of over 450 million and a growing middle class, this region is increasingly seeking high-quality dairy products. We leverage our extensive network, established industry connections, and deep understanding of these markets to help you tap into this potential. Our experience in working with the region's governments and businesses positions you for success.

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Southeast USA

The Southeast USA boasts a thriving market for dairy products, offering a significant consumer base and a robust infrastructure for distribution. We understand the intricacies of this region and have developed strong partnerships to ensure your products reach their full potential. Our local presence and knowledge of the Southeastern market, coupled with our expansive network of retailers, wholesalers, and food service operators, make us the ideal partner for those looking to thrive in this region.

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