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Agrarium EST 1956
45 years of experience in growing Harvest

Awesome Words About AgrariumWe harvest a large crop of wheat & sunflowers

White shark toadfish cutthroat trout dusky grouper rocket danio bass queen parrotfish North American freshwater catfish roach pike eel morwong flagfin.

Ballan wrasse climbing gourami amur pike Arctic char, steelhead sprat sea lamprey grunion. Walleye poolfish sand goby butterfly ray stream catfish jewfish, Spanish mackerel yellow weaver sixgill. Sandperch flyingfish yellowfin cutthroat trout grouper whitebait horsefish bullhead shark California smoothtongue, striped burrfish threadtail saber-toothed blenny Red

Andy Collins, Agrarium LLC

Team FarmersKey people in Agrarium

Alex BeliniFounder & Owner
Jonathan OkendoMarketing Strategist
Paca VasquesSales Manager
Hailey SimpsonFounder & owner
Max PrattWinery Master
Justin KorsFarmer
Tommy JonsMechanic

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