Our Team

We handle all sales, marketing and promotional aspects of the business and we are proud to employ a staff of some of the most respected professionals in the industry who have established over the years a very solid network in 30 countries.

Our team speaks fluent English, Spanish, Portuguese, Creole and Italian so communication is easy between all parties and they are familiar with all the documents required and the terms and conditions of shipping in the countries with which we work.

Our staff works exclusively on commissions, which ensures that their goals are, to clearly satisfy the hundreds of customers that we serve. We want them to be extremely pleased with our service and the manufacturers that we represent are very impressed.

Our philosophy is not to represent hundreds of lines of dairy items which ultimately compete with one another, so we as marketers, select very carefully the companies we represent and, with this in mind, focus on the quality of the products, market efficiency and customer service.

Our goal is to represent some of the very best products in the dairy industry and to work closely with our clients to help them gain a market share while satisfying the customers and the consumers.